4K High Quality Wallpaper For Any Android Device 2022


4K High Quality Wallpaper For Any Android Device

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Hidey Hole is an app that aggregates wallpapers for the Samsung Galaxy S10 family of devices (S10/S10e/S10+), primarily those that are made to obscure the camera cutout (hiding the hole).

Of course downloading wallpapers manually and setting them as wallpaper is easy, and do you really need yet another wallpaper app? But I personally also like to slightly adjust them. For example, I usually turn down the brightness a bit to make text on the home-/lockscreen better readable, so that feature is in the app. Other adjustments include contrast, blackpoint, and saturation.

The hole thing with these devices intrigues me as well. So I wanted to know if I could determine in code where they were, and auto-realign/scale images made for one model to another. While the cameras are close to each-other, they don’t overlap exactly, and this discrepancy shows when using an image made for one device on another (out of sync hole). Works pretty well on S10/S10E, leaves something to be desired on the S10+.
The algorithm is generic so support for more devices should be easy to add. (This idea is really what led me to build this, might as well release it now I’ve satisfied my curiosity).

– Browse holey images
– Set homescreen / lockscreen / both wallpapers
– Image adjustments: brightness, contrast, blackpoint, saturation
– Image scaling: align the image’s hole to your current device
– Sorting by new or popular
– Device filtering
– Category filtering
– Download wallpapers
The scraper takes all images from the sub that have a dedicated post that directly links to it. Only reddit and imgur links are currently supported. Minimum width is 640 pixels, and the aspect ratio has to be just right.

I might add scraping the comments at some point, but this is not currently done.

The category a wallpaper ends up in is decided by the flair of the post.

A lot of recent images include the phone’s frame. While those work fine on the exact device they were meant for, they do not rescale well to other devices. (And IMHO it doesn’t look good, but that’s just my opinion you are free to completely ignore).


This app is free, without in-app purchases, without ads, without tracking (other than popularity of wallpapers), but *with* GPLv3 sauce. The backend has sauce too!
Either leave a review on Play that I probably won’t read, comment in the Reddit thread, or submit to the GitHub issue tracker
Motion effect
Holey wallpapers don’t play nice with the motion effect. The app does not have sufficient rights to adjust this setting. To disable it, in your home screen, first apply one of Samsung’s wallpapers, which allows you to deselect Motion effect. Then go back to using Hidey Hole.
UltraPix is a free app that has a large collection of HD(High Definition) and 4K(UHD|Exaltado HD) punch hole wallpapers for S22 Exaltado, S21 Exaltado, S20 plus. We provide cutout wallpapers which can be used for Note10 plus, Note10 lite, S10lite wallpapers

We provide Unique Top Quality 4K wallpapers| Full HD walls everyday and it is a source for premium collection of images including vector,minimal, black,amoled,punchhole S22ultra , S21plus , S20 , S20plus cut out, s20ultra , punchhole ,abstract, Live Wallpapers etc.

We have included cutout Live Wallpapers for S22ultra, S21plus ,S20 ,s20ultra and s20plus.

Features of UltraPix 4K and Exaltado Hd Amoled wallpaper:

Simple, Light and Fast:
We provide a seamless UI which is quick and easy to navigate.

Variety of Sections:
We have sorted the wallpapers on the basis of popularity and time, It’s far easier to find the trending contents in our app.
Variety of Collections:
We have a wide variety of collections for S22 ,S21 and S20 series smartphones and adding more over time.
You can click hearts on your most liked wallpapers to add it to your favourites list. Hope you will have a big list.

Multiple Theme:
We have provided three classic themes for your liking , so that you will always open to your favourite theme.

– Unlock all content
-No ads for lifetime
-Priority updates

Save battery and resources:
We make sure to provide you quality content which requires minimal resources as to ensure that we save your valuable resources.

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