3 VPNs for Free internet? 🤔 VPN Free internet 2023 2022


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Recently, I noticed more and more people asking “Can a VPN get me free internet?”, which piqued my interest. So in this video, I will explain to you everything about this misconception, and show you how can a VPN make your internet more free, but not give you free internet.

=== What’s up with the “VPN free internet 2023?” searches? ===

Well, it all boils down to the Indian ISP – Reliance Jio. It’s a pretty terrible service provider, which has unreasonable data limits, employs ridiculous bandwidth throttling, and even monitors and prohibits access to certain websites.

Naturally, this is why customers of this provider have turned elsewhere in search of how to deal with Reliance Jio. Free Internet VPN somehow became the solution, even though VPNs do not provide internet services. So if you are looking for VPNs for free internet that will replace your unreliable ISP, sorry, there’s nothing like that.

However, if you want to get intrusion-free internet, VPN might be your option. After all, VPNs encrypt your connection, block third-party access of your ISP, hide your IP address from it, and a lot of times even prevent speed throttling. Notably, if your ISP has a data limit, a VPN will not help you bypass that. You won’t get free internet coverage, but with a VPN Jio private net access is entirely possible.

=== NordVPN ===

One of the VPNs which can help you deal with Jio’s unfair practices is NordVPN. First of all, it operates from a privacy-friendly country and has an audited no-logs policy. This means your information is not going to be recorded by the provider.

Secondly, NordVPN fully encrypts your connection and has a special feature designed to ward off tracking, malicious links, and even malware. Thirdly, it offers Obfuscated servers, which combat Deep Packet Inspection, a method most intrusive ISPs use to dig for your data.

=== Surfshark ===

Another great VPN to counteract terrible ISPs is Surfshark. Like NordVPN, it is also reliable in the privacy department: it has an audited no-logs policy and special RAM-only servers, which can’t hold user data long-term.

Surfshark encrypts your data, hides your IP address, and deals with ads, trackers, and malware really well. The only difference to NordVPN is that you will need a Surfshark Antivirus bundle to do the latter. To counteract Deep Packet Inspections of ISPs, Surfshark uses Camouflage and NoBorders mode, they come in handy in restrictive countries.

=== PrivateVPN ===

PrivateVPN comes as one more VPN provider, both perfect for beginners and people with untrustworthy ISPs. Unlike NordVPN and Surfshark, PrivateVPN has a small-scale server network. But recently, PrivateVPN has revealed a High-Quality Network system, which makes your connection more reliable and faster overall. Still, there’s room to improve, considering their network relies on only around 200 servers, even if they do cover 63 countries.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Can you get free internet VPN?
0:57 Does a VPN provide internet service?
1:08 How does a VPN protect your privacy?
1:20 Can you use VPN for free internet?
1:30 Is NordVPN best VPN for JIO?
2:27 Can you buy NordVPN anonymously?
2:42 Is Surfshark secure for JIO?
3:11 Can you use Surfshark in restrictive countries?
3:43 Is it safe to use PrivateVPN with JIO?
4:48 Conclusion

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